Saturday, March 15, 2014

Great Week in Chacala, Mexico

Happy New Year all. We planned to leave La Cruz this morning but with the heavy rain decided to spend 1 more day, get fuel tomorrow and then head north to Chacala. We had over 3” of rain the last 2 days; the jungle is very green and boats have most of the salt spray washed off. We will be back to La Cruz about Jan 8-10 to get ready for Colin and Saviya’s anticipated visit.

Our watermaker, which is indispensible while cruising, decided to take a vacation.  Our vendor, Offshore Outfitters, in San Diego, sent us $215.00 of parts by DHL, which cost $40.  Then Mexico customs got $70 and repairman got about $200 – so much for cruising on a budget.

Now it is: Friday, Jan 3, 2014 ------ and we can write the same info as last year:

Wednesday 1/23/13 Bahia de Chachla N 21o 09.82’, W 105o 13.64’ – anchored in a beautiful little bay of Chacala, north of Puerta Vallarta. We have bow and stern anchor out to hold the bow of the boat into the ocean swell. Can hear the surf breaking on the beach behind us – sometimes sounding way too close. There are several palapas (bar/restaurant) on the circle of the beach.

Just about a year ago, this was the first stop on our Mexico Riveria cruise. And it’s still beautiful.

Came in at 1454 this afternoon, after a nice gentle 40 mile cruise up the coast. Saw about a dozen whales, one group of 3, and a small whale as we came into anchorage. I caught 2 skipjack but released them as not good for dinner. Took a side trip into the little town of Jaltemba, 5 miles south of Chacala. It’s an open roadstead, very little protection. Lots of hotels on the beach and lots of palapas and many people on the beach. Decided Jaltemba has had its only visit from WW4.  Arriving in Chacala, there were 4 other boats at anchor - PRINCESS followed us in, and another sailboat off to our left with 2 small power yachts – looked like local charter boats.

We launch our new inflatable dinghy.  Sure makes going ashore easier, as we can step off if we have a surf.  And plan to get wet anyway, so gear is in dry bags.  And Becky gets some freedom off the boat.

 DSCF1951 DSCF1938

I started cleaning WW4’s bottom side. Have about a 2’’ strip of green at the waterline, but under that looks good. It took 3 days of diving to get it clean since 4 months since the bottom was painted.  The bottom has only small barnacles and shaft/props took most cleaning.  Had lots of help from the friendly fish.  That’s about a 1’’ fish at the top of the rudder:


The water is exceptionally clear. and 83 F in the air and 80 F in the water. Anchored in about 20’ of water, watched the anchor hit the bottom and then turn as Becky backed down to sink the anchor into the sand. Set out 100’ of chain and set a stern anchor as this is a small anchorage.

Looking into Chacala from the sundeck off WW4 – and can hear the music and laughter all the way from the beach


From the palapas, the tourists are enjoying the beach and surf, with the beach vendors selling their wares and music.


This is a wall painted by the school kids.  Notice the chicken at the top, in the middle of the picture.


Typical sunset, closing another perfect day in paradise.

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